Curb Your Sweet Tooth With ADA's Tooth-Friendly Treats Cookbook

Curb your sweet tooth with the Australia Dental Association's (ADA) tooth-friendly treats cookbook featuring 20 delicious yet low-sugar recipes recommended by dental professionals across Australia - including the team here at Remarkable Dentistry!

We are SUPER excited to be part of the ADA's tooth-friendly cookbook with our truly irresistible ‘Banana Delight’ recipe. This cookbook is part of the ADA's annual Dental Health Week 2020 campaign that this year highlighted the negative effects of sugar on oral health, pulling back the curtain on the hidden sugars in many supermarket staples.

The tooth-friendly cookbook is now available for purchase via the links below.



We would love to see your 'Banana Delight' recreations! Send us a photo of your masterpieces to to featured on our socials. 

ADA Tooth-Friendly Treat Cookbook With Banana Delight Recipe

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